The foundation Forum voor Interconnectie en Speciale Toegang (FIST) aims at providing a forum in respect of interconnection and special access to telecommunications networks and other relevant telecommunications activities.

FIST was established in 1996 on initiative of the predecessor of ACM and OPTA, the Directorate General 'Toezicht Netwerken en Diensten' of the Netherlands Ministry of Transport and Communications.

FIST only facilitates discussions between participants allowed within the context of competition law. 
FIST is a consultative body: every operator and/or service provider registered with ACM can participate in FIST. A participation fee is due per calendar year.

At present about 20 parties participate in FIST-related discussions. Among these participants are leading players in the national and international telecom sector.

Operators interested to participate in FIST are kindly requested to contact the FIST secretary via e-mail: secretariaat AT

Please note that the taskforce meeting language is Dutch.